Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoption How To's

Adopting... How To Adopt A Special Needs Child

This may vary from county to county or state to state, but I want to tell you how we adopted through a local agency.

We called our local Children and Youth (CYS) from the telephone book. We told them we were interested in doing foster care to adopt. The set up process was simple. The caseworker from the county came to our home. We started with the form filling out process. We gave proof of home owners insurance, car insurance, proof of income, driver's licences, birth certificates, etc....
We filled out a form that specified which children we would accept. ( meaning disabilities, age, etc...) The next process was being approved. A simple home study was done as well as background and reference checks. The home study involved a basic safety check of our home. They made sure it was safe from open stairs or other dangers in the home. They check for running water and tested it for bacteria. They made sure the child in waiting had his/ her own bed and personal space. Then, we selected friends and family (ten in number) to fill out a form describing our personalities and why we should be considered to adopt, and what kind of parents we'd be. We attended trainings as as well as CPR. This may sound like a lot but there was really nothing to it. After approval, we waited to be matched with a child. After being matched with a child, we started the foster care process. We awaited court hearings and such, most that we never had to attend. As the hearings turned into parental termination, and went into the adoption process, we only had to attend the adoption hearing to make it final. Going through our county agency, it didn't cost anything. This may also vary from county to county or state to state. In our experience we did not have to pay thousands of dollars to adopt as a lot of people may think. We paid nothing but gas money to get to the court house. Once everything was finalized we were the child's legal parents. The child was issued a new birth certificate with his/ her new last name. It was a joyous day!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adoption How To's

Adoption..... How to......

Although you can go through your local Children and Youth agency to adopt, there are many more ways you can do it.
There are orphanages, many websites for international adoptions, adopt a baby, etc....
You can adopt so many different ways.
I refer to the Children and Youth agencies merely out of personal preference. Number one, it is local. Number two there is little to no money involved adopting this way. Of course it is my personal experience in choosing this route, that it is often very hard to find an infant or even pre school or under that you can be matched with. In our experience, we found it refreshing to adopt this way, and to adopt an older child. I found by surfing the photo listings of adoptable children, that there are so many children age seven and up that remain in the system for a very long time. Perhaps this is because adoptive parents may be waiting for an infant. There are so many children in the system waiting forever families. You may have heard rumors that these are "problem children." This may be true in some cases but not all. There is hope for these children. They deserve a good chance at life. There are counselors that can help. There are many aids available to this.
Some kids spend their entire youth hood in the system, and never get their forever family. It can be a very good experience even through the tough times, if you chose to adopt a special needs child.

If this is what you chose to do, then start with your local Children and Youth agency. They will help you through the process.

Parenting and foster care/ adoption available at the links below: